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Portland Black Lives Matter Have Chained Themselves Together in Lobby of Leftist Mayor Ted Wheeler’s Apartment

Proving once again that pandering to the mob won’t save you, Portland Black Lives Matter militants have now chained themselves together in far-left Mayor Ted Wheeler’s apartment building lobby.

As Mayor Wheeler was tweeting platitudes about the Black Lives Matter movement, the mob was gearing up to target his home.

It turns out his endless support for the terroristic movement is not enough.

Earlier in the day, Wheeler declined President Donald Trump’s offer to provide federal assistance to stop the riots.
In July, Mayor Wheeler was attempting to pander to the rioters by attending their violent “protest.” He refused to leave even when alerted that it had been declared a riot and that tear gas would be deployed, despite the rioters being hostile towards his presence.

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  1. You forgot to mention that residents of the apartment building poured water on top of the "protesters" yesterday from a balcony above them. Probably the first time they have had a shower in a week.