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Republican Iraq War Veteran Peter Meijer Wins Michigan District Primary Held by Never-Trumper Justin Amash

Republican Iraq War veteran Peter Meijer won the Republican primary race in Michigan’s Third District held by Never-Trumper Justin Amash.
Never-Trumper Justin Amash left the Republican Party in July 2019.
Breitbart.com reported

Peter Meijer won the contested Republican primary in Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District on Tuesday.
With over 66 percent of precincts reporting, Meijer had over 50 percent of the vote in a five-way primary, according to MLive.
Meijer, a veteran and the grandson of grocery store magnate Fred Meijer, will take on Democrat Hillary Scholten in November, who did not have a primary race.
Incumbent Rep. Justin Amash left the Republican Party during his term and became an independent. He angered conservatives by voting for President Donald Trump’s impeachment and siding with Democrats on numerous other votes.

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