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SHOCK VIDEO: “Mom! Call 911!” – Biden Supporters Attack 7-Year-Old Boy Outside DNC Convention For Wearing Red MAGA Hat

Biden supporters attacked a 7-year-old boy Thursday night outside of the DNC convention.
The boy, Riley, was attacked for wearing a red MAGA hat.
Riley was heard on the video begging his mother to dial 9-1-1.
“Get off my property! Are you going to destroy my property?” a woman said to a masked Biden supporter.
“Yes, we are,” she replied.
One of the Biden supporters then grabbed the child’s red MAGA hat and refused to give it back to the child.
Riley’s mother didn’t back down and chased the Biden supporters.
WATCH (language warning):


  1. These slags need jail time. Wicked cowards.

  2. This is why I keep a baseball bat next to my front door and a 12 gauge next to my bed. If someone shows up looking for trouble, they will regret it.

  3. Ahhh, those Democrats. It's not your father's Democratic party any more.

    I'm not sure how many felonies and misdemeanors were perpetrated here, kind of lost count. And those masked women (yes, I do use that term loosely) were completely recognizable. Think we'll get any police action going? Hah! Fat chance!