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SICKOS! BLM Cheers ACL Injury Of NBA Player Who Refused To Kneel During Anthem

Orlando Magic star Jonathan Issac became the first NBA player to refuse to wear a Black Lives Matter t-shirt and kneel during the national anthem late last week. Issac, who has supported the MAGA movement in the past and is a happily married devout Christian, cited his faith in Jesus Christ and his opposition to the demands of the BLM mob in justifying his decision.
As a result, his jersey sales have skyrocketed to #2, only trailing China-owned Lebron James. Sadly, as happens often in sports, Issac tore his ACL towards the end of the game and had to be carted off in a wheelchair. The disgusting and depraved BLM mob then took to Twitter to celebrate the potentially season-ending injury as “poetic justice” and “sweet revenge.”
Twitter users even called Issac a “n*gga” as they gleefully dog-piled on the injured Orlando Magic player.
Radical BLM linked magazine Bossip wrote a whole article celebrating the traumatic injury, another example of how mentally unwell the “movement” as a whole really is.
Unlike the whole NBA roster, with the expectation of Issac who refused to kneel, the entire NHL line-up stood across the country during the ceremonial playing of our national anthem. Bossip summed up the feelings of the BLM movement regarding Issacs injury.

Aye, man. Listen, man. What do you want us to say? S#!t happens, right?
Sometimes. Sometimes even when justice isn’t social, it’s poetic.

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