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Someone Tries Insulting Schwarzenegger, Receives A Calm, Well-Constructed Answer That Shuts Them Down

It’s no secret that the internet loves the Terminator-turned-Governator, and he loves us back. Big bro Arnie is known for his notoriously wholesome pieces of advice on Reddit. And no one would forget this time he responded to a guy who was depressed for months with heartwarming advice and much-needed motivation.
This time, though, a critic stepped in to give a piece of advice Arnold didn’t ask for. In a blunt comment, one guy wrote “stick to lifting and making movies… snowflake is a title you do not want.”
But Arnie is no rookie when it comes to social media, and he took time to respond to the critic with an epic reply. “But let me give you some advice,” the 73-year-old star said in what seems the most wholesome mic-drop comment full of Arnie’s signature wisdom. Take notes, kids. This is how you get trolls terminated… in style. 
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Image credits: Arnold Schwarzenegger

But this critic wasn’t very impressed and tried to put Arnold in his place

Except the Governator terminated the critic with this wholesome reply

Arnold’s joke about Mr. Freeze has probably resonated with many of his fans out there. For those who don’t remember, Schwarzenegger played the character Mr. Freeze in the iconic Batman & Robin film back in 1997.
It’s also when Arnold fired off some smashing cold weather puns on the big screen, like that time he swore revenge on Batman with: “If I must suffer, humanity will suffer with me! I shall repay them for sentencing me to a life without the warmth of human comfort! I will blanket this city in an endless winter! First Gotham… and then the world!”
Interestingly, Mr. Freeze’s character, just like Arnold himself, was into sports and had a high muscle mass throughout his life. According to the Batman fandom wiki, Mr. Freeze was also known for his very intelligent mind, strategic thinking and resourcefulness when it came to his criminal side.

And people couldn’t stop praising Arnold

 Susan explained that “Murdered By Words” means “to be impaled by wit, disemboweled by word play, or drowned by shaming.” Hence, Arnold’s reply was a perfect post for the community.
Susan added that you can, in fact, “murder someone wholesomely” like Arnold with a well-constructed argument. However, “it’s a known fact that righteousness is the opposite of interesting or funny.”
Having said that, Susan is less than impressed with Arnold still referring to the Batman & Robin movie, which may be no longer relevant these days. “I think it’s getting kind of weird that he’s still plugging that Batman movie.”

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