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Teen Activist Who Rallied to Defund Police and Remove Police from Schools Is Shot Dead in Chicago

A teen activist in Chicago who rallied to defund police and remove police from schools was shot dead on Friday.
Caleb Reed was found shot in the head.
No suspect has been named in the shooting.
The young activist spoke out against police.
The Blaze reported:
Caleb Reed, a 17-year-old student activist from Mather High School in Chicago, was found shot in the head on Friday.
The teen’s death comes just weeks after he publicly called for the district to remove police from district schools.
What are the details?
Reed, described by the Chicago Sun-Times as a “student leader with a youth activist group,” was discovered on a sidewalk of the West Rogers Park neighborhood in the city.
He had been shot in the head.
The teen, a leader with student group Voices of Youth in Chicago Education, was an advocate of removing police from Chicago schools.
No suspect have been named in Reed’s death at the time of this reporting.
‘I’m proud to be a black young man’
Just weeks ago, Reed spoke at a board of education meeting in support of removing police from the district. During the meeting, he recalled his own experience with officers in his school.
During the meeting, Reed said, “My sophomore year of high school I was arrested for attending a basketball game because I didn’t have my ID. I sat in a police station for six hours. I knew it wasn’t right at all, but inside I was angry, confused.


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    1. Agreed. I can't get in the way of one ape killing another ape. But that might not be a nice comparison. Actual apes are ok.

  2. Shame he hadn't got the intelligence he thought he had.

  3. Famous final last words..."Call the police..." Go figure...

  4. My my, such killer comments.

  5. so i wonder how that happened ... i did not see that coming ........

  6. Poetic justice for a up and coming communist?

  7. Isnt it ironic that ISIS, the taliban, always return right when the US is about to pull out of the middle east. Is as if the same people that run ISIS and the taliban run the cops and antifa. nah, that couldnt be

  8. I think the one thing that the Chicago politicians fail to realize is that without the police, gangs like the Crips, the Bloods, and the Latin Kings would be the ones running the city, not the politicians themselves.

  9. Probably a drug deal gone bad. But he was a fine upstanding young man.