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VIDEO: Leftist 'mob' surrounds, harasses Seattle photojournalist; one militant threatens to come to his house, break his car windows

A Seattle photojournalist recorded video of a leftist "mob" harassing him Wednesday as he was inside his vehicle — with one of the militants threatening to come his house and break his car windows.

Here's the clip from KIRO-TV's Jon Jussero. (Content warning: Language and flashes of the finger):

"Mob would not allow me to do my job today when trying to videotape KC Jail in Seattle," Jussero wrote in his tweet of his video. "I tried to leave, but they surrounded my car put items on windows & continued to terrorize me. One man threaten to break my vehicle windows & come to my home. We are just trying to do our jobs."

What are the details?

While two men were giving him the finger and putting their hands on his vehicle, Jussero is heard saying, "You've got to stop threatening me, sir."
But the man he presumably was talking to — dressed in a black T-shirt emblazoned with a giant fist in the middle — told the photojournalist, "I'll come to your house."
At another point in the clip the same militant told Jussero, "Don't make me break this window. Keep filming me, and I will."

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Soon a larger crowd is outside Jussero's vehicle with one militant uttering "f*** you" over and over rapidly while others call Jussero "liar" and announce "KIRO in the house."

The group also placed shirts over the vehicle's windows presumably in attempt to prevent Jussero from recording them on video.

A fellow photojournalist — Eric Jensen from Seattle news station KOMO-TV — replied to Jussero's tweet about the incident saying KOMO crews have endured similar treatment. Jensen added an encouraging sign off: "Keep up the good work, Jon."

Left-wing pushback

Jussero's tweet also attracted the attention of the left.
One true believer commented, "If you continue to ignore the behavior of the police you will continue to not be welcome at or near protests against police violence. Right now you are acting as a propaganda arm of the police, and that will absolutely not be tolerated quietly."

Another comment was more sinister: "Well when your organization has a reputation for being the tireless propaganda arm of the white supremacist police, constantly broadcasting their lies without question, I guess what happens happens. People should show up at your house. You should be afraid to show your face."

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