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What is Wrong with Old Joe? Biden Says He Has Five Grand Kids – He Actually Has Seven (VIDEO)

What is wrong with Joe Biden?
Slow Joe Biden kicked off convention week with an interview with rapper Cardi B as part of her Elle Magazine cover shoot. 
Elle had to severely edit the interview to make Biden sound somewhat coherent.
Then this happened. 
Biden forgot how many grand kids he has.
Joe Biden has a total of seven grand kids, but he told Cardi B Monday morning he has five grand kids. 
Biden refuses to acknowledge his son Hunter’s ‘love child’ with former DC stripper Lunden Roberts and perhaps he forgot Hunter had ANOTHER child with his wife Melissa Cohen in March of this year.
“You’re telling me? I got four kids, five grand kids,” said Biden.
You have seven grand kids, Joe.

Earlier this year, Joe Biden forgot how many granddaughters he had while he was holding a picture of them.


  1. He has know idea how many strippers Hunter knocked up.

  2. trump forgot he had another daughter a few months ago.