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Why is this not a thing?(Picture)


  1. They don't pay taxes so the corrupt government can control them.

  2. "Churches" are already classified as a non-profit organization yet they (most) file for a 501c3 tax-exempt status. Then the government becomes the "godhead" over them in respect to what they can and cannot speak about."Churches" that are a 501c3 "church" are a BUSINESS and operated as such and they bring the money in by teaching the LIE of the tithe and that it is 10% of YOUR money when it was ONLY FOOD and that tithe requirement ONLY applied to the JEW living in the Promised Land raising crops or animals. NO ONE ELSE was required to tithe.

  3. i wonder what that photo-shop photo of a sign actually said

    1. Apparently the photo-shop editor could use a good proof reader; "churches should should".