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3 'Salongate' Political Cartoons That Completely Humiliate Nancy Pelosi

By now most people know about ‘salongate” in which Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was busted on camera getting her hair done, indoors and without a mask, in defiance of the covid lock down rules imposed by the state and mayor of San Francisco.
To make matters worse, Speaker Pelosi has constantly berated the President for not wearing a mask in public, when in fact she is clearly guilty of the same, or maybe even much, much worse.
As a thought experiment imagine the 24/7 outrage from the media and Democrats if it had been First Lady Melania Trump or Ivanka Trump who had been caught in the same position.
Nancy Pelosi knows ‘salongate’ means big trouble for her and her party politically and she and her minions are furiously doing damage control.
To help things along here are three political cartoons that completely humiliate Nancy Pelosi over ‘salongate’ that should be spread as far and wide as possible to help ensure the massive political fallout and outrage over the Speaker’s hypocrisy continues:
“Do as I say, not as I do” is the hypocritical refrain we see from so many on the left. Showing up to climate change conferences in private jets and yachts, claiming guns are bad while cruising around town with private security, or getting a haircut that is denied the ordinary peasants.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a hypocrite who wants luxury items for herself and her cronies while the rest of us are denied the same.
Nancy Pelosi and Marie Antoinette would have gotten along brilliantly!
And as an added cartoon bonus, let the blowback continue.

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