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Biden in Kenosha Starts to Rant About Raising Taxes, Then Catches Himself: “Not Going to Lay it Out For You… Because They’ll Shoot Me” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin on Thursday to meet with Jacob Blake Sr. following the officer-involved shooting last week.
Biden held a town hall inside of Grace Lutheran Church and began rambling about his tax plan.
Biden looked and sounded creepy speaking through his face mask.
As soon as he started to rant about raising taxes he caught himself and said, “Not going to lay it out for you, I won’t now because they’ll shoot me.”


  1. Now it's official. This whole campaign is a ventriloquist act and Joe is the dummy. lol

  2. This guy is a waist of a suit, at most he's got 1 year to live, his dam wife needs to be arrested and jailed for elder abuse.