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BREAKING: New Hampshire Man Arrested For Voting Twice in 2016 Election After Project Veritas Presents Evidence to AG’s Office (VIDEO)

James O’Keefe strikes again!
A man named Vincent Marzello admitted to a Project Veritas reporter on August 21 that he had voted twice in the 2016 election — once as a woman, and once as a man.
On Wednesday, James O’Keefe brought the evidence to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office, who had been given the Vincent Marzello case file last December.
The file has been with the Attorney General’s office since December and the man still had not been prosecuted!
The New Hampshire DOJ finally arrested the man on Thursday, just one day after O’Keefe presented the case to the Attorney General.
O’Keefe said there is much more to the story!
Is there a coverup?
Watch the full video by Project Veritas:

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