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British pro-women's suffrage publication, 1912. (Picture)



  1. The relatively long history of male suffrage has shown us many examples of the far too common democratic slide into a patriarchal, strong-man, tyranny. Now, with the rise of majority female voters, we have the chance (no, the certainty) of seeing what sort of civilization a matriarchal, nanny-state, tyranny will give rise to. We have already gone so far that I am starting to wish for the days of good old fashioned male domination. With a male oriented dictatorship, you get to think whatever you want as long as you do what you are told and don't say too much. With a female tyranny, not only do you have to do what you're told, they demand that you think and speak and feel what they say as well. Big Daddy just demands obedience. Big Momma wants your soul.

  2. That Suffrage publication is very clever and we get the point. However, Women act and vote primarily by emotion rather than logic. We as a society are now paying for that oversight in a very big way.