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Corrupt Judge Sullivan Redacts Yesterday’s Document Drop in Flynn Case – Now AG Barr Sending Big Hitter to Today’s Hearing


The documents dropped yesterday in the General Flynn case showing the General was set up and wrongfully targeted, prosecuted and indicted were redacted – by JUDGE SULLIVAN.  AG Barr is now sending a top DOJ attorney to today’s hearing. 

Some more documents were dropped by the Justice Department in the General Flynn case.  The documents were more proof of the General’s innocence and the efforts by Obama’s Deep State FBI to target and wrongfully arrest and indict the hero General.

Overnight there was some additional analysis regarding yesterday’s document drop.

First of all we find out that the documents were heavily redacted but not by the DOJ – the documents were redacted by Judge Sullivan:

The portion of the notes that are unredacted show that the FBI was no longer looking at collusion.  However, in public the entire message was regarding Trump – Russia collusion.  The FBI was lying to the American public and knew there was no Russian collusion:

Next we see that the FBI was trying to remove General Flynn’s security clearance.  They were doing anything they could to prevent President Trump from transitioning into power peacefully.  By taking away Flynn’s security clearance, for no reason, they could hinder the incoming President:


Finally, the DOJ announced that top DOJ attorney Deputy Assistant Attorney General Hashim Mooppan will appear at the hearing today.  As Roscoe Davis reports – this is pulling out all the stops short of AG Barr appearing himself:

We’ll see what corrupt Judge Sullivan has up his sleeve today to further prolong the greatest travesty in US history.  How much more does General Flynn and his family have to suffer at the hands of corrupt Deep State attorneys, FBI agents and corrupt judges?

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