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Currently happening in Nova Scotia, Canada. Tensions rise as Indigenous fishermen try to exercise their Supreme Court ruled right to fish for a "moderate livelihood," and the dominant non-Indigenous commercial fishermen react with violence and racism. (Picture)



  1. People are just trying to make a living is number one. But white people are tired of having the federal government side against them for everything and trashing these descendants of the people who founded the country. Plus "367,125 number settler traps"; that comment delegitimized your argument Christi Belcourt. As I indicated, we are fed up with having idiot comments like that thrown at us. We are NOT to be referred to as settlers, thinking you can get away with that plain anti-white sentiment.

  2. The Supreme Court, since the overthrow of our Government in 1982, has been making law. The Treaties were signed to give access not ownership. MacDonald made that very clear when he spoke of the government's responsibility toward Indians because they had been dispossessed of their land. The access was not for continuing their traditions, not for commercial operations. Whether this was the correct thing to do is a different question. Part of what is resented, rightly or wrongly, is that Indians and Metis do not have the seasonal restrictions that others do. Ironically, it is these small time fishers who warned the governments of the dangers of large trawlers and other large scale marine harvesting operations that have caused the collapse in stocks.