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Hmm… Pelosi Camp Now Says She Lied About Going to Church in San Francisco and Insists She Did NOT Break the Law (VIDEO)

 Rules are for the little people.

Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi broke Democrat Governor Newsom’s rules and attended Catholic mass in San Francisco during the lockdown.

The rest of the city of San Francisco is forbidden from attending church services.
In fact, according to Archbishop Cordileone, San Francisco has a rule that only one Catholic can enter churches at a time.

And the Democrat governor has threatened several religious communities with fines for holding church service.

Earlier this month Speaker Pelosi was caught going to the salon for a blow dry.
Salons are also shut down in the state.

But now the Pelosi camp insists Pelosi was lying about going to church and did not break the law.

Via The Catholic News Agency:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office told CNA Friday evening that she “misspoke” when she described “recently” attending Mass in a San Francisco church, despite the city’s months-long ban on indoor Masses.

“The Speaker misspoke. She has not been in San Francisco since September 5th due to ongoing talks around COVID relief and appropriations,” spokesman Drew Hammill from the Speaker’s office told CNA in a statement on Friday evening.

 “She [Pelosi] has been participating regularly in church services virtually,” Hammill said.

Hammill did not explain what Pelosi referred to when she described Sept. 18 attending what appeared to be an indoor Mass and receiving Communion “recently” at a San Francisco church.

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  1. So Pelosi is a lying cheating corrupt liar? Wow, who would have figured that out? After her net worth going to 170 million on a salary of less than 200K a year. Sure, Pelosi ia not corrupt. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell ya.