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House Judiciary Republicans Send Letter to Nadler Demanding He Denounce Violent Left-Wing Extremism, Acknowledge Antifa is Not a ‘Myth’

Jim Jordan
House Judiciary Republicans on Tuesday sent Chairman Jerrod Nadler (D-NY) a letter demanding he denounce violent left-wing extremism, acknowledge Antifa is not a ‘myth’ and immediately convene a Committee hearing to examine the civil unrest seen in Democrat-run cities across the US.
Nadler previously called Antifa a “myth that’s only being spread in Washington, D.C.”

Republican Reps. Jim Jordan (OH), Ken Buck (CO), Mike Johnson (LA), and Jim Sensenbrenner (WI) sent Nadler a 3-page letter lambasting the Judiciary Committee Chairman for wasting the “first twenty months of your chairmanship on fruitless partisan investigations in furtherance of your obsession with attacking President Trump.”
“We urge you not to waste any more time. The jurisdiction of the Judiciary Committee provides you with a unique authority to condemn the violence and disorder in Democrat-run cities,” the GOP lawmakers wrote.
“Democrats have failed to stop the violence and destruction in [Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Seattle, New York City]” the GOP lawmakers said asserting that President Trump has sought to restore order to these cities.
“There are two specific actions that you can take now to help restore law and order to Democrat-run American cities: 1. Publicly and forcefully denounce left-wing violent extremism and acknowledge that left-wing violence is neither “imaginary” nor a “myth.” 2. Immediately convene a hearing of the Judiciary Committee to examine the civil unrest caused by left-wing violent extremists in Democrat-run cities. This is an issue of life and death that the Committee must not ignore,”

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  1. Don't let your opinions get in the way of actual facts......

    Despite repeated Trump administration assertions that the Antifa movement has hijacked the ongoing protests around the country sparked by the police killing of George Floyd, a new federal intelligence bulletin points to white supremacists and other would-be domestic terrorists as the main problem lurking behind potentially lethal violence.

    Though the document issued by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center also includes a warning to law enforcement about anarchist extremists, it makes only a limited mention of the left-leaning, loosely affiliated Antifa movement, and appears to undercut recent criticisms of the movement by President Trump and top administration officials.

    “Based upon current information, we assess the greatest threat of lethal violence continues to emanate from lone offenders with racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist ideologies and [domestic violent extremists] with personalized ideologies,”