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“I’m Here to Talk About Kosovo and Serbia, I Don’t Know if You Can Find it on a Map” – Wow! – Ric Grenell BRINGS THE FIRE to WH Press Room! (VIDEO)

In another historic first on Friday the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo signed an agreement to normalize relations between the two countries. This also included Kosovo recognizing Israel and Serbia moving its embassy to Jerusalem.
Kosovo is the second Muslim country in two weeks to announce progress in relations with Israel.
The historic agreement today was signed in the White House Oval Office between the two leaders and President Trump.

Later in the day former Ambassador Ric Grenell, who worked to secure the agreement, attended the White House press conference.
When the liberal hacks in the room began their typical uneducated BS, Grenell stopped them cold.
Ric Grenell brought THE FIRE and delivered a much needed public spanking.
Ambassador Ric Grenell: I’m here to talk about Kosovo and Serbia. I don’t know if you can find it on a map… You guys don’t understand what’s happening outside of Washington DC. People aren’t listening to you anymore. It’s really a crisis in journalism. And I think it’s because people are too young to understand the issues like Kosovo and Serbia. How about a substantive question?

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  1. Wow why all the enthusiasm for Dick Grinner Grinnel who is a HOMOSEXUAL ISRAELI FIRSTER like say... Roy Cohn, or Roger Stone or Rudy Ghouliania or other Trump ISRAELI FIRSTERS. See a nasty ugly pattern here? And this guy went AFTER JULIAN ASSANGE! What a PoS!