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Insanity from Crazy, Insane Jane Elliott – The Anti-US Activist Used to Push Racist Anti-White Garbage to Our Children


Reported how young conservative and Trump supporter, C. J. Pearson, was mandated to endure a lecture by a crazy lady at the University of Alabama.

The lecture was unbelievable and pure insanity!
And this is a major southern university!!

Pearson shared the following:

I just listened to a mandatory lecture – sponsored by my University’s Student Government Association – in which the speaker, Jane Elliott, compared America to Nazi Germany, the President to Hitler, and called

@realDonaldTrump an “admitted racist and sexist”. I’m appalled.

We thought this whole scene was a disgrace from a great university!

We’ve found what appears to be another video from this same wild, vile, racist and crazy activist Jane Elliott:

Any white person who was born and raised in the United States of America, if you aren’t a racist, you’re a miracle.  Either that or you decided to educate yourself.  Because education in this country is about:

white is right,

brown is ok,

black has gotta stand back,

yellow’s mellow…

American universities should be defunded as long as they promote this racist and insane garbage by anti-American Marxists!


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