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Is Joe Biden Jacked Up On Amphetamines? Pharmaceutical Professional Weighs In

Something is going on with Joe Biden. We can all see it.  President Trump sees it too which is why he is calling for drug tests before the 2020 Presidential debates.

Last week President Trump called for Biden to be drug tested before their debates this fall.
On Tuesday, in his interview with Laura Ingraham, President Trump said he believes Joe Biden is on some kind of enhancement.
President Donald Trump: I watched Biden in the previous debates and he was horrible. And then I saw him in the Bernie debate and he was normal. It was sort of like a normal deal. He got by. And I said that was a different guy than the guy that was in the debate with Kamala. Now, Kamala is just horrible… I’ll tell you what he’s on some kind of enhancement in my opinion.
 The Biden camp can deny it but they will need to prove it with a drug test!

Today a retired pharmaceutical professional (who would like to remain anonymous) shared with Gateway Pundit the following analysis:
Amphetamines and now substituted amphetamines were prescribed for those with dementia beginning in 1950’s because they produced enhanced cognition and improved cognitive performance. One of these compounds persisted into the 1970’s before being banned and delisted. It was called Phenylpropanolamine(PPA) because just like amphetamines it was found to massively increase strokes in elderly individuals. It was used in the elderly and as an over the counter weight-loss aid.
If you watch Biden’s cognitive performances on stage when he appears lucid he is squinting and blinking nonstop. Based on his performance he is likely on a type of amphetamine because none of the other drugs producing mydriasis (i.e. pupil dilation) would produce cognitive enhancement. Amphetamines dilate the pupils and cause the squinting and blinking (photophobia). Another feature observed was the stage lighting for Biden is being subdued and this is very abnormal for this type of performance.
If the debates occur? Bright stage lighting would render Biden unable to perform even under the influence of amphetamines.

Any physician prescribing amphetamines for such an elderly subject as Biden would face criminal charges because these scheduled drug prescriptions are reviewed by the DEA.  Amphetamines and cocaine both cause Biden’s symptoms so it is assumed they are street drugs with no direct feedback to the candidate. Remember the performance of Andrew Gillum who ran against DeSaintis in Florida? He was doing just a great job with his cognitive enhanced performance via methamphetamine and he was nearly elected Florida governor. His downfall came after he election loss when police raided his hotel room and found he was having a Meth party with a male prostitute. The Lord sure does move in mysterious ways.

We have no direct evidence that Biden is on amphetamines but Biden’s actions and the President’s comments  suggest the former vice president may be juiced up.


  1. Lock up your women and children! Joe is on a tear! lol

  2. "Any physician prescribing amphetamines for such an elderly subject as Biden would face criminal charges because these scheduled drug prescriptions are reviewed by the DEA."

    Hey this is no problem for Joe; he gets all his drugs from Corn Pop.

  3. His aggression makes even more sense now.

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  5. Biden's eyes are blown up wide during every public appearance. Yesterday's "press conference" (which was a joke) his eyes were blown wide open, he acted very strangely alternating from mild to angry with sudden outbursts and shouting...he meandered around topics and was very unfocused. I have long said that Biden was on drugs...yesterday he was totally high. His handlers have to be careful so that they do not kill him by jacking him up all the time...this is why he rarely talks to the press. He is on drugs. Just say no Joe. Sincerely Jim Eagle.