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Kanye West has told his campaign staff to avoid 'fornicating' outside marriage and says if he doesn't win he will try again in 2024 because 'I'm a Gemini'

 Kanye West told campaign staff to avoid 'fornicating' outside of marriage and said if he doesn't win the White House in 2020 he'll try again in four years, pointing to his astrological sign, Gemini.   

The New York Times produced a new profile on West's unconventional presidential bid and two Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters couldn't quite crack why the rapper was running, but did unearth his Birthday Party's platform of more prayer in schools, fewer abortions, police reform and reducing household and student loan debt. 

West announced he was running for president on the Fourth of July - too late to appear on many states' ballots. 

Kanye West is photographed during his one campaign 'rally,' which took place July 19 in North Charleston, South Carolina

Kanye West is photographed during his one campaign 'rally,' which took place July 19 in North Charleston, South Carolina 

A tweet of Kanye West's campaign sign that includes an image of actress Kirsten Dunst who tweeted in response, 'What's the message here, and why am I apart of it?'

A tweet of Kanye West's campaign sign that includes an image of actress Kirsten Dunst who tweeted in response, 'What's the message here, and why am I apart of it?' 

Since then, he's held one official campaign 'rally,' where he ended up in tears after word vomiting a story about how he wanted to abort his first daughter North with wife Kim Kardashian.  

Kardashian has since come out publicly about her husband's bipolar disorder.  

Since then, New York Magazine and Vice News reported that Republican operatives have been assisting West with getting on the ballot, likely because they think he'll damage Democrat Joe Biden in what could be a razor-thin margin that wins the presidential race. 

West wasn't able to get on the ballot in Florida, a key swing state, Michigan, a state Trump flipped in 2016 to win the White House over Hillary Clinton and Texas, which has become more competitive for the Democrats in recent years. 

He will, however, appear on the ballot in Minnesota, which Republican perceive as flippable to Trump - especially in light of the protests stemming from George Floyd's Memorial Day death in Minneapolis. 

Additionally, Iowa and Colorado are seen as competitive too, and will feature West on the ballot. 

Third party candidacies have impacted presidential races before, such as Ralph Nader in 2000 and Jill Stein in 2016. In both those instances, the Democrat has won the popular vote, but narrowly lost the Electoral College to the GOP nominee. 

But The Times profile points out that West - who has become a Christian revivalist - could attract some support away from President Donald Trump too. 

'Does anyone at your magazine believe in Jesus,' West asked The Times reporter that he spoke to after tweeting, 'I'm willing to do a live interview with the [New York Times] about my meeting with Jared.' 

The New York Times is a newspaper.  

West and White House aide Jared Kushner had recently sat down for a meeting, which added fuel to the narrative that West's run was meant to spoil Biden's bid.  

He reached a reporter around midnight on the east coast from his home in Cody, Wyoming, and wanted to do a Zoom call with a Times editor present - an ask the reporter declined. 

'I'm Kanye, who are you?' West said when getting on the call. 'I'm the head of everything.'  

West then 'expressed anguish about abortion,' the profile said.  

However, his position isn't classically conservative because he doesn't want to ban the procedure.   

'You can't do that,' he told The Times. 'I don't want to ban or stop or point fingers or anything.' 

He said he wants 'stipends for families that need support, creating orphanages that are really high-level desirable for people to go to and the redesign of communities and cities in general to be supporting of families.'  

In later communication with the paper, West ignored a question about why he was running when the reporter pointed out that his name wouldn't appear on every state's ballot. 

'The first question is incorrect as I am already on some ballots,' West texted back. 

John Boyd, a music manager who is advising West, explained to The Times that time, in West's mind, isn't so important. 

'Kanye doesn't look at time like that,' Boyd said. 'For him, any time is a good time. He doesn't look at time the way we look at time. For him, it probably wasn't even an issue. That's my humble perspective. If it were me, I would be thinking about - it's too late, or this, or that. But that's me. I'm not Kanye.'    

But West suggested that some time in the future he'll succeed. 

'The reason why I know eventually - eventually could be three months, eventually could be three and a half years - the reason why I eventually will make a great president is because I'm sensitive,' the rapper said on Nick Cannon's podcast, which The Times cited in its profile. 

He said he was 'here to serve.' 

'Even as a Gemini, I feel the energy in the room, I read body language, I read this energy and I hurt,' West said. 'I hurt for the country, I hurt not just [for] Black people, but all people of America. And I hurt for all people of the world.'   

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