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Local Reporters Furious After Biden’s Handlers Play “Hide the Candidate” in Minnesota, Bar Local Media From Event and Cancel the Only One-on-One Interview


Both President Trump and Joe Biden will be campaigning in northern Minnesota on Friday, which is the first day of early voting.

President Trump will hold a rally at Bemidji’s Airport. His campaign released all the details to the media several days ago.

In contrast, Joe Biden will be at a Duluth-area union training center, however, his team has released scant details of his trip to the Hermantown training center.

This is Biden’s first trip to Minnesota in nearly three years.

On the morning of Biden’s visit to the Duluth, reporters hadn’t been given a time, or how many local Minnesota reporters will be allowed in, according to St. Paul political reporter Theo Keith.

It’s approved pool only. No local media inside the hall. Biden’s team also canceled the only one-on-one interview.

Local reporters are furious over the media blackout.

“Begs the question: what’s the point of coming here at all??” KBJR reporter Dan Wolfe.

KBJR reporter Dan Wolfe blasted Joe Biden for using the Coronavirus as an excuse to hide from local media.

“Yes there’s a pandemic. But all we hear from dems is “our democracy is at stake.” If so, might want to start campaigning like that’s the case. This Joe Biden visit was badly bungled by his people,” the reporter said.


Finally a local reporter was able to get some information out of a union rep hosting Joe Biden.

The reporter was angry because his network cancelled coverage of other stories today so he could cover Biden’s event. After getting frozen out, the reporter expressed his frustration, “We’re not serving our area in any meaningful way today now.”

Here’s the current situation leading up to Biden’s Duluth event:

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