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Michelle Malkin: Minnesota Rep. Seeing Ilhan Omar Voter Fraud Went to FBI But Due to Languid Response Contacted Project Veritas (VIDEO)


Last night James O’Keefe III released the second blockbuster video exposing voter fraud and ballot harvesting by Ilhan Omar connected political operatives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

After his appearance on Hannity James gave a 10 minute warning on his latest release.

The Project Veritas investigation exposed the pay-for-vote scheme in Minnesota. According to those involved in the scandal Ilhan Omar is the one who came up with the voter fraud scheme.

The President weighed in.

Michelle Malkin reported last night that the Minnesota Representative who uncovered the voter fraud scheme went to the FBI first but because of their “languid” response,decided to go to Project Veritas.

Is it time to begin plans to shut down the FBI and move the work they should be doing to the US Marshals? The current FBI cannot be trusted to perform their duties. It seems the only work they focus on is efforts to remove the President through an illegitimate coup, harass and indict his Administration and then the cover up their related crimes.


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