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Peaceful Protest: Black Lives Matter Activist from Indiana Charged with 19 Felonies for Attacking-Gassing Police – In San Diego

Black Lives Matter activist Denzel Draughn was arrested in San Diego, California on Saturday after he thought it would be a good idea to tear gas a group of police officers.
Draught was charged with 19 felonies including nine counts of using tear gas against a group of police officers.
Denzel Draught is from Indiana where he has a long criminal record.
His bail was set at $750,000.
Denzel Draughn was arrested in San Diego on August 29th at a Black Lives Matter protest and booked on 19 felonies. The charges are nine counts of obstruction/ resisting arrest, nine counts of use of tear gas against an officer and one count of possession of a tear gas projectile weapon.
Apparently, since they terrorized the police chief’s own neighborhood the other night and attacked one of his neighbors, it’s no more “Mr. Nice Guy” with the SDPD for the Black Lives Matter terrorists. If you pepper spray an entire crowd of cops, you could be in serious trouble.
According to a White Pages report Denzel Draughn has a fairly lengthy criminal record in Ohio. Mostly, misdemeanors, but there appears to be two outstanding felony charges from three years ago in Ohio. Scroll to down to see the report. If he has unresolved charges in another state, that may be why his bail has been set so high, because he would be a flight risk.
Because his current address is still in Indiana, it raises the possibility that he crossed state lines to participate in Black Lives Matter riots in San Diego. If true this could be an additional federal offense.
The local media has completely ignored this story, so far. This post will be updated as new information becomes available. The photo displayed below was obtained from a flyer for a protest to get him released from jail and is therefore presumably his image.

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