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Peter Strzok Comes Out with New Book Slandering the President Some More and the Corrupt Media Continues to Push His Lies

The key investigator for the Obama Administration attempting to prevent candidate Trump from winning the 2016 election and then have the President removed from office, creepy Peter Strzok, is out with a new book where he continues to push the Russia collusion scam and besmirch President Trump.

Far-left liberal Politico reports that Strzok believes he should have done more to harass the President in the coup attempt to have Trump removed from office:
Strzok’s new book, obtained by POLITICO ahead of its release next week, recaps the full arc of Crossfire Hurricane from the perspective of an enterprising counterintelligence expert who perceived Donald Trump and his campaign team not necessarily as criminals but as compromised by a foreign adversary. And he worries that there’s still much we don’t know because the bureau was never able to do the kind of deep dive into Trump’s business records he wanted.
The investigation began as a pure counterintelligence inquiry — an attempt to understand who, if anyone, on Trump’s campaign team had been offered help by Russia to undermine Hillary Clinton. The probe kicked off with a tip from an Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, who told the FBI he had heard from a Trump campaign staffer about a Russian overture to the campaign after the leak of hacked Democratic National Committee emails.
Of course based on information now readily available in the public arena this is not true.  The probe didn’t start with a statement shared with a guy who shared with a girl who shared with the FBI.  This is still too far out for any logical mind to accept.
Spying on President Trump and his team started long before Downer came into the picture.  People like Strzok and others were working diligently on setting up members of the Trump team for months before Downer’s discussion with young George Papadopoulos.
With the audacity of a criminal, Strzok claims President Trump is a national security risk in an interview Sunday morning:

Of course Politico and NBC reporters have no clue as to the real events surrounding the coup attempt of President Trump.  They report as if Strzok is an honest source and so does the rest of the corrupt media complex.  Politico was pushing the Russia collusion sham so it’s no wonder that after four years and millions spent by Strzok and Mueller and Weissmann with no crimes found, that these schemers would continue to bark like little chihuahuas and claim that Russia infiltrated the Trump campaign.  Simply put, this is disgusting.
Former Representative and now current White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows says the opposite:
Meadows, a former congressional investigator, told Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday that he does not have an update on Durham’s work but noted that these records he has viewed reflect poorly on top FBI officials who were involved in the origins of the operation looking into ties between President Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia.
“Additional documents that I’ve been able to review say that a number of the players, the Peter Strzoks, the Andy McCabes, the James Comeys, and even others in the administration previously are in real trouble because of their willingness to participate in an unlawful act and I use the word unlawful at best, it broke all kinds of protocols and at worst people should go to jail as I mentioned previously,” Meadows said.
The problem is that President Trump was on the wrong side of Obama’s justice system.  If you are not a Washington insider and if you wish to work for the American people and the rule of law rather than China, or massive corporations, or the social media giants, you are on the wrong side.
President Obama created a corrupt and biased ‘Justice’ Department that was led by crooks like Peter Strzok.  Strzok should be in jail based on the acts that we know of in the public realm.  It’s really difficult to even see his face and listen to his evil words.  The damage he is still causing the country is massive.
Americans want justice and the Justice Department is clearly not capable of delivering it at this time.  The FBI was corrupted by people like Comey, McCabe and Strzok.  There is no evidence that the FBI has been repaired.  Now the crooks want to take back the hen house and the media is working with them to do it.
The fact that Peter Strzok is out spewing more lies is a direct result of Obama’s corrupted Justice Department.  This never should have happened and by not being addressed it gets worse.

Good Americans are reaching their tipping point and will not put up with corrupt individuals like Peter Strzok slandering their President much longer.

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