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President Trump Fires Back At Nancy Pelosi's Impeachment Threat: "If They Do That, We Win All Elections" (Cartoon)

 In the wake of the passing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Democrats have remained in a continual cycle of sheer panic at the thought of President Donald Trump potentially naming a third SCOTUS judge before the end of his first term.

Democrat outrage is so extreme at the moment, that according to Fox News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made headlines over the weekend by not ruling out the possibility of launching yet another round of impeachment shenanigans against the president, simply for vowing to fulfill his constitutional duty of filling the vacant SCOTUS seat.

Trump responded to the absurd idea of facing another impeachment in a Monday morning interview on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, in which he stated that if Democrats try impeachment again, it would all but guarantee a roaring victory for Republicans up and down the ticket come November 3rd. 

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