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Rise and Fall of the Formerly Great State of California Illustrated With Two Maps

California used to be a model for the nation when to came to what the future could look like, especially when it came to business and innovation, but that was a long, long time ago.
Since then Democrats have gained super majority control of the legislature, all statewide offices, and the vast majority of federal and local public offices.
Now California has become a trash dump in which the wealthy and political elite live behind fences while the rest of the population has to deal with the consequences of liberal policies.
But nothing points out the rise and fall of the formerly great State of California more than the two maps below.
As way of preface I grew up in California and it gets hot, has intense heat waves, winds and fires every single year. Until the past few years, the people who run the state knew how to handle this.
On top of that, because of Covid a lot of businesses this year are shut down so it should be even easier for the power grid managers to handle the electrical demand caused by this weeks heatwave across much of the state.
But, no…
Given that they’ve known that this terrible heatwave was coming for at least a week you think California’s leaders at all levels of government would be well prepared to manage it.
But as the maps below show, that was clearly not the case.
First Southern California:
Next the San Francisco Bay Area, home to Silicon Valley:
Given that people in these areas pay almost twice the national average for electricity you would think that the power grid would at the very least be stable.
Instead the air in parts of California is filled with the sound of thousands of generators being activated to hopefully keep things running until the power comes back on.
But, if you think that is bad, just wait until the leftists and Democrats in the state get their green new deal!

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