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“That’s Not Joe Biden – That’s a Shell of His Former Self” – Former Biden Stenographer Rips Shockingly Senile Joe Biden (VIDEO)

Former Joe Biden stenographer Mike McCormick joined Laura Ingraham on Tuesday to discuss his latest book and his time with the former Vice President.
McCormick told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview published on Tuesday that Joe Biden has “lost a step” and he’s “not the same Joe Biden.”
Tonight he doubled down on his critique of Joe’s mental health.
McCormick said, “Joe Biden is a different guy than he was. He doesn’t have the same vitality… What I didn’t know when I was writing the book was how far he had slipped until I’d seen how he’d become this year. His performance in the debates was pretty low quality… That’s not Joe Biden. That’s a shell of his former self.”

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