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The United States Is the Only Country Among Developed Nations Keeping Children Home from School

The US is the only nation among our peers that is keeping our children home from schools.

Dr. Scott Atlas held a presser in Florida and he claimed the following:
“We are the only nation among our peer nations that are hysterical about opening schools…the only country that seems to be willing to sacrifice our children out of our own fear”
Of course the doctor is right.  Most Americans have little to worry about when it comes to the China coronavirus – COVID-19.  The CDC reports that very few children have died from the virus since it came to US shores earlier this year.
Per the chart above, children have had very few deaths related to the COVID-19.  As we reported some time ago, children are at a higher risk of dying from car crashes or drowning than from COVID-19.

It is time to open up all of our schools – if we love our children this is what we’ll do.

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