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The US in a nutshell (Picture)

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  1. I recently had a fall from a ladder. I want to warn everyone, that if you have a ladder in your home REMOVE IT NOW! If there are ladders in your neighborhood, make sure that the owners do NOT leave their home, and if you or your children are accidentally exposed to the sight of a ladder, turn your head away quickly and then make sure to use eyewash, at least twice. Do not think that YOU are somehow magically immune to falling from a ladder. Gravity is a REAL THING! Believe the science.

    My point, for those slow on the uptake, is that a specific case of a person becoming sick with Covid-19 does not tell us ANYTHING (either good or bad) about the statistics of an entire nation. It does not tell us whether the economic and social disruption which accompanies a shutdown is justified by the decrease in viral hospitalizations.

    Assuming that the desired implication of this article is that someone caught Covid-19 and STILL was sceptical about the level of large scale danger, then it is just one more case of something written by a person who experiences fear but does not either think rationally or do math.