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Uh Oh: CBS News Reports Bags of Mail Found Dumped, Investigation Underway

We have been told to trust mail in voting and that the United States Postal Service can handle the additional mail that it would bring.
But on Thursday morning a surveillance video found USPS dumping loads of mail  in the parking lot of a Glendale spa, CBS News reported.
The video, taken outside of 7Q salon, shows a Budget box truck backed into the parking lot. Moments later, bag after bag could be seen being tossed out of the back of the truck and onto the ground.
Lilia Serobian, co-owner of the salon, found the bags and took cell phone video as she realized they were filled with hundreds of unopened envelopes and packages from the U.S. Postal Service.
“It was completely unusual,” the salon owner said. “If they’re taking for their personal use, basically, why’d they have to drop off all the unopened packages somewhere.”
“Of course it’s suspicious,” she told CBS. “You start thinking, ‘OK, something is going on,’ because no one has access to all those boxes and packages.”
“It happened early in the morning, 5:40, and it was a Budget rental — big truck — that backed up to the parking lot. And they’re like, slowly, one by one, they’re dropping the packages,” she said to KTLA.
But worse than that, the police said that before they were called about the mail dumped at the spa they were called about mail dumped in an alley around a half mile away.
The postal service told CBS News that they do not comment on ongoing investigations but did say that the mail have since been picked up.
But this does not do a ton to build confidence in the American voters that mail-in voting is safe and secure and their votes will be counted.
“Voting by mail is safe and secure,” former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, tweeted in August.
“And don’t take my word for it: Take it from the President, who just requested his mail-in ballot for the Florida primary on Tuesday,” he said.
But the key to that statement is that the president requested his ballot, as is normal, but widespread mail in voting is not.
“Joe Biden is disingenuously misleading millions of Americans on universal vote-by-mail and absentee voting — they are not the same thing,” Trump 2020 Campaign Deputy National Press Secretary Ken Farnaso said.
“Fundamentally changing how Americans vote 81 days before Election Day is inviting chaos into our election system,” he said.

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