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WATCH: Joe Biden Claimed Today: “I Am Not Banning Fracking” – Here is Video of Biden Repeatedly Promising to Eliminate Fracking

Joe Biden left his basement on Monday to give a ‘big’ campaign speech in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Except it wasn’t a big speech.
A handful of reporters sat in social distancing circles while a few dozen people showed up outside.
Biden claimed during his Pittsburgh speech on Monday: “I am not banning fracking! No matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me!”

Biden has repeatedly promised he will ban fracking.
Roll the tape!

Of course none of the reporters were able to ask Biden about his past promises to ban fracking because he quickly walked away from the lectern after he finished delivering his remarks.

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  1. Fracking should be ended. It produces little oil and creates a huge environmental catastrophy with all the pollution it creates. It also causes earthquakes in places that never had them before in recorded history.