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WTH? Best Buy Sends Out Email to Employees After Breonna Taylor Decision — Allows Time Off to Mourn Decision

 Protests and riots immediately erupted after Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced Wednesday that there will be no charges filed against two of the Louisville police officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor, while the third is being charged with “wanton endangerment.”

Following the announcement on Wednesday Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron told reporters that the night Breonna Taylor died, police did knock and announce themselves before Breonna’s boyfriend shot at them.

This fact was verified by an independent witness to the events who lived nearby.

The Black Lives Matter mob was OUTRAGED with the decision by the grand jury.
Protesters ransacked the downtown and one BLM activist shot two Louisville police officers.


Despite the decision by the Grand Jury Best Buy Corporation sent out an email to employees defending the mob, criticizing the grand jury and offering time off to those employees who need to mourn the court’s decision.



  1. Just lost a lifetime customer. Mourn your downfall.

  2. Go Woke - Go Broke. This slavish, bizarre pandering that effectively enables the rage mobs and anarchists has got to stop. But until it does, BOYCOTT BEST BUY.