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“Yes” – Kamala Harris Agrees with the Claim that America is Founded on “Racism, Sexism and Other Evils” (VIDEO)


Democrat Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris on Tuesday agreed with the claim that America was founded on “racism, sexism and other evils.”

“How will you resolve these injustices for the black community, and specifically for black women?” the questioner asked Kamala after asserting America was founded on “evils.”

Kamala affected an accent as she responded to the questioner: “Yes, thank you and thank you for your role of leadership. Um part of it is Ima need your help.”

Kamala Harris made these statements on Tuesday during a campaign event in Detroit, Michigan.



  1. Maybe every country in the world was founded on “racism, sexism and other evils.” ?

  2. says the racist, sexist, pseudo hyphenated american hypocrite.