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ZING! Hero Dr. Scott Atlas ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS Dr. Fauci and Dr. Redfield after their Ridiculous Attacks (VIDEO)

 We need better medical elites.

Earlier on Monday CDC Director Dr. Redfield attacked Dr. Scott Atlas on a flight from Atlanta to Washington DC. Redfield was overheard by an employee of NBC News saying, “Everything he says is false.”

Then on Monday afternoon quack NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci attacked Dr. Scott Atlas on CNN pushing inaccurate information.

Both doctors have a record of crazy, twisted and ridiculous statements.

When Dr. Atlas went on with Laura Ingraham he unloaded on the two elites using their own words against them.

This was sensational!

Dr. Scott Atlas: I was called in because I can translate the medical science into public policy. To do everything he can to protect the vulnerable, to open schools and open society and to make sure hospitals are not overcrowded. Of course, this is the right policy – It happens to be policy in many of the world’s leading epidemiologists and infectious disease people… There are other experts that say things like, “No you shouldn’t wear masks,” to “Yes you should wear masks,” to, “Hey, a mask is better than a vaccine!” (Redfield) Or, some other expert might say, “No you shouldn’t wear masks,” and then change it to, “Yes, you should wear masks,” and then change it to, “Everyone should wear goggles.” (Crazy Fauci)

Appointing Dr. Scott Atlas to the White House COVID team was another BRILLIANT move by President Trump.

Doctors Fauci and Redfield would be well advised NOT to try to score political points with Dr. Scott Atlas.

Via The Ingraham Angle:

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