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“He Fought for Us, I Will Fight for Him” – Trump Supporters Outside Walter Reed Speak Out for Their American President (VIDEO)


Several hundred Trump supporters gathered outside Walter Reed Medical Center last night to show their support and love for President Donald Trump.

It took President Trump’s stay at Walter Reed for millions of Americans to understand how much he means to them.
This is the first US president in a generation who is willing to fight for America.

One Trump supporter gave a compelling testimony, “He is fighting for America, for the American way. I’m American. I’m for the American way. That is why I am here today to show love and support for our president. And he’s been fighting for us. I’m going to fight for him.”

Hundreds came out to support Trump.


  1. It is time to realize that Trump is saving us from a NWO plot. Aided by the media, the banks and powerful people in both major parties they had it won. Then Trump and enough disgruntled voters pulled off THE miracle. We delayed their plan and now it is time to stop it completely. Hanging is the preferred method after a guilty verdict. Thank you SIR!