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In Arizona President Trump Declares US Will Be First to Land a Man on Mars and Maybe a Woman – Attendee Blurts Out Who to Send…


This was priceless. A Trump supporter in Arizona this afternoon blurts out who the President should send to Mars.

Trump rallies are special events. Every person in the entire crowd no matter how large, feels like President Trump is talking directly to them.

The events are fun, happy celebrations. This afternoon’s was no exception. One moment however was very funny.

When the President declared that the US would be the first country to send a man or woman to Mars, one person in the crowd yelled: “Make it Nance Pelosi!”

Well said.


  1. And for the 'man' they could send Micky Obama

  2. Haw Guffaw wa wa whatever. How about Hillary? whom Trump has ZERO interest in arresting.....

  3. https://thefilmstage.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Wheres-My-Roy-Cohn-1.jpg