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Make it make sense (Picture)



  1. She's smoking crack, they stopped doing that over 40 years ago.

  2. "They... get mad when we demand liberty and justice for all. Make it make sense".

    They get mad because most of the people with demands slept through class and didn't actually learn what "liberty" and "justice" mean. "Liberty" does not mean "beat a bystander, burn a shop, loot a store and call it free speech." Nor does "liberty" mean "commit a crime and just cry racism to win a get out of jail free card". "Justice" does not mean "apply for college, a small business loan, or a government job and get extra qualifying points if your skin is dark". Nor does "justice" mean, "pay off the student loans I ran up while partying, plus I want free health care and I expect everyone else to pay enough taxes to give me what I want".

  3. Make your Tweet make sense. What the devil are you talking about?