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Philadelphia Burns From BLM/ANTIFA Riots After Armed Man Shot Charging An Officer, Police Retreat From Mob

 Police shot and killed Walter Wallace, a 27-year-old black man, for charging two police officers with a knife. The eye witness video shows Wallace arguing with officers as his mother steps in to try and de-escalate the situation.

The mother is seen pushing her son Walter Wallace off the street and onto the sidewalk. Wallace breaks free from his mother and comes out from between cars with a knife charging at the police.

The officers repeatedly ask him to put his weapon down. Wallace refused to comply with the officers’ requests. The two officers shot Walter Wallace 10 times, as he was advancing with a deadly weapon, killing him.

Protests broke out after the shooting that involved a car parade but quickly turned into a violent riot. 30 police officers were injured in the riots last night. 12 officers were sent to the hospital for their injuries.

The Philly Inquirer reports that a  56-year-old sergeant was injured when a truck driven by the rioters plowed into a group of police officers. The sergeant was run over by the truck.

While the other officers were trying to protect the sergeant, the rioters threw projectiles – like rocks and paint cans – hitting the police. The officer was taken to the hospital, where he is stable and recovering from his injuries that include a broken leg.

One of the videos above shows Philadelphia police officers retreat from the angry rioters who continued throwing projectiles. Several of the officers in the hospital sustained injuries from bricks and other materials.

Business owners and those who live in Philadelphia boarded up windows and doors to attempt to protect themselves from the violence and looting. Unfortunately, stores were still looted, and multiple cars were burning before the night was over.

Only 10 people were charged overnight for the rioting. Democrats control Philadelphia, so those ten people will likely be released to go about their rioting ways.

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