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Top mind doesn't seem to realize wearing masks and social distancing works for more than one virus. (Picture)



  1. In the 80s and 90s if you had cancer they tested for HIV if you were positive then you had AIDS otherwise you merely had cancer.
    if you had TB they tested for HIV if you were positive then you had AIDS otherwise you merely had TB.
    If you had any of 20 illnesses they tested for HIV etc.
    Total BS from top to bottom. They may just as well have tested for Measles or Mumps and called it AIDS.
    Now they are doing it with COVID.
    Total BS and the idiot people are falling for it all over again.

    1. What did you expect? The same guy is in charge. He still hasn't found the vaccine for HIV but, by golly, in 6 months we have one for the balognavirus.

    2. Total BS... Yep. That pretty well sums it up. (Nice analogy with the HIV, by the way.)

  2. Top minds know what she meant is that flu cases are being denoted as covid cases. The financial incentive for doing so has being reported repeatedly so it should be no surprise. Masks do not stop the influenza virus. The mesh is much too large to stop the small viral particles. Most people do not wear the right type of mask. They repeatedly wear the same mask causing buildup of respiratorial bacteria. People are not trained for proper use of PPE. There are no PPE biohazard disposal stations. This makes masks a vector, not a solution.

  3. Because if you get the flu this year it's Covid19 regardless if it is or isn't.

  4. The lack of large gatherings (sports events, concerts, dance clubs) and the adoption of social distancing practices have the effect of limiting the spread of all respiratory viruses. Mask wearing has the benefit of reminding people to keep their distance from others, further limiting viral spread opportunities.