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Attorney Lin Wood Asks for Assistance from Any Military Member who Cast an Absentee Ballot in Georgia


President Trump won Georgia by 5 points in 2016.

In 2020 President Trump smashed the record for most votes ever for a sitting US president.
President Trump SMASHED the record for most votes ever for a Republican running for president.

Yet in several swing states the Democrats dropped massive numbers of Biden only votes in the middle of the night after announcing they were “shutting down counting” for some obscene reason.
And now they want you to believe a senile man beat Donald Trump.

In Georgia election officials shut down voting and blamed it on a water leak one of the main counting centers.

This was another lie. It was a leaky toilet and no work order was even filed.

So now Americans are supposed to believe that Joe Biden won the Peach state in a year where President Trump made historic gains.
We all know this is a lie.

On Monday Attorney Lin Wood asked all military members from Georgia who filed an absentee ballot this year to contact his office.

Lin Wood is working to restore justice.

If you know a military member in Georgia please have them contact L. Lin Wood.


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