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EXCLUSIVE: Man, 75, who jumped to his death viewing multi-million dollar Hollywood apartments had terminal illness and left suicide note for sons as its revealed realtor 'spent five minutes trying to talk him back to safety'

 The prospective buyer who was touring a multi-million dollar Hollywood apartment before jumping to his death had recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

The man, identified as Paul Robbins, 75, by DailyMail.com, died last Monday after leaving a suicide note for his twin sons. 

Page Six had reported that an unidentified individual was viewing an apartment on the 27th floor of the luxurious Sierra Towers, an opulent and high-end residential building that's home to some of Hollywood's brightest stars, when he jumped.

The realtor is said to have spent more than five minutes trying to stop Robbins from jumping. Detective Steve Blagg told Too Fab: 'He was very matter of fact. He wasn't battling, he never yelled "Don't come close". He just said he'd made his mind up.'

Robbins, a retired City of Long Beach worker, had divorced his wife in 2007 and went to live on his own in a small apartment where neighbors told DailyMail.com he was 'lonely and kept to himself'. 

Detective Blagg said he indicated that he did not want to become incapacitated shortly before jumping to his death.

Two neighbors told DailyMail.com that Robbins had recently received the devastating news about his health.

It's understood he was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and left a suicide note to his children explaining he didn’t want to be a burden on the family. 

His downstairs neighbor in the Hollywood Holt Plaza apartment complex, Halya Engel, said he seemed lonely and that she never saw family or friends visit him. ‘He was a nice guy. I spoke to him often. I think he was kind of lonely, and living alone. Whenever I ran into him we would strike up a conversation. We would talk for two hours at a time,’ she said. 

‘He never indicated anything was off. But the last couple weeks I noticed he wasn’t talking. He would just say hello and keep going.

‘He found out that he was ill. He left a note to his children. It said that he was ill and he didn’t want to be a burden to anybody. It had to be a terminal illness.’ 

Paul Robbins, 75, jumped from a top floor of the Sierra Towers in Hollywood, California

 Paul Robbins, 75, jumped from a top floor of the Sierra Towers in Hollywood, California

The Los Angeles County Sherrif's Office (pictured) confirmed that deputies responded to an incident regarding an individual falling from Sierra Towers

The Los Angeles County Sherrif's Office (pictured) confirmed that deputies responded to an incident regarding an individual falling from Sierra Towers

The 58-year-old hairdresser said despite Robbins’ alleged mortal condition, he still took extreme care not to catch COVID-19. ‘Even a few days before he passed away, he was still avoiding the elevator,’ she said. ‘That’s what I couldn’t understand.

 ‘He was always wearing gloves and a mask. He would go out of his way, up the stairs. Him being over 65, I thought he was being very careful not to catch covid. That’s why this whole thing didn’t make any sense to me. 

Engel said Robbins kept his apartment in pristine condition and always appearing with crisply ironed creases in his slacks. He was very orderly, very clean. Everything was in its place. He was very careful with his car too, a gold-color Infiniti,’ she said. 

Court records show he and his wife of 32 years with whom he had two grown sons,divorced in 2007 and moved out of the marital home in Mar Vista.

He previously lived in an LA condo he owned before selling up and moving to the rented apartment in Hollywood about six years ago.

Robbins worked for the City of Long Beach before retiring after 28 years service in 2002.

Robbin’s next-door neighbor, who gave her name as Susan, told DailyMail.com he kept his illness secret from his acquaintances in the building. ‘I didn’t know before, I didn’t know he was sick even. I found out after that he was sick and he just decided to end his life. 

'He didn’t want to make his family suffer,’ she said. ‘I don’t know how he did that. It takes a lot of guts. I can see taking a lot of sleeping pills, but to jump off a building?’

Managers for Robbin's complex who spoke to police after his death declined to comment. Security guards outside Sierra Towers in Hollywood also declined. 

Famous residents at the apartment building included Sidney Poitier, Lindsay Lohan, Elton John, Sandra Bullock, Britney Spears, Cher and Joan Collins. Stars like Adam Sandler, Lily Collins and Kelly Osbourne are among current residents. 

Detective Blagg said it is not known why Robbins picked the building, adding: 'He's the only one that could have told us and he didn't.' 

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office told DailyMail.com that deputies dispatched to the scene at 2.47pm. 

Sources told Page Six that at least one of the building's notable residents witnessed the body on the ground. The incident has reportedly become a source of conversation for neighbors.   

The sale was reportedly handled by Hilton & Hyland, which was co-founded by Rick Hilton, the father of Paris Hilton.  

PIctured: a map shows

A map of the Sierra Towers area shows how close it is the Beverly Hills, the infamous Playboy Mansion and the Los Angeles Country Club

An investigation into the incident is ongoing. DailyMail.com has reached out to Hilton & Hyland for comment.

Management and security personnel for Sierra Towers said they had 'no information' and would not discuss details of the incident. 

Sierra Towers, built in 1965 for $12million, has emerged as a top luxury residence known for its gorgeous views and million dollar listings.

PIctured: Adam Sandler
Pictured: Kelly Osbourne

Celebrities with residences in Sierra Towers include Adam Sandler (left) and Kelly Osbourne (right)  

'There is no other residential building in Los Angeles that has housed such a diverse and large group of notables,' Hollywood Reporter wrote in 2011.

'You have to be in full makeup at all times when you get in the elevator  - you never know who you are going to run into,' Nikki Haskell, a talk-show host and resident, said.

Just two months ago, actress Courtney Cox sold her Sierra Towers condo for $2.9million. She bought the residence in 2015 for $2.5million.

Property listings on Hilton & Hyland for Sierra Towers apartments peaked at $6.5million for a two bedroom, one bathroom unit in 2,300 sqft, per their website on Monday.  

In that 24th floor listing, residents can find a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen, a private terrace overlooking the Los Angeles skyline, a spacious walk-in closet and a spa-like bathroom.

The lowest current listing with the realtor was $11,950 for a two bedroom, two bathroom unit that is 1,672 sqft. Specific amenities for that listing were not disclosed.

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