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FLASHBACK: Lou Dobbs on CNN in 2006: Smartmatic Based in Venezuela Sold to Sequoia, Top Officials Still in Venezuela, Before Sale to Dominion


Here’s a blast from the past!
Back in 2006 when the great Lou Dobbs was at CNN the former news channel ran a segment on Smartmatic voting machines.

According to this CNN report, Smartmatic was based in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela and was sold to Sequoia. But the top officials for Smartmatic were still in Venezuela. CNN was worried this could interfere with our democracy.

This is from the CNN segment:

Smartmatic, the Electronic Voting Machine manufacturer whose machines are notorious for failures, is based in Venezuela. The Treasury Department, which is supposed to be the look into connections between sensitive US infrastructure and foreign interests has failed yet again to protect the American people. What is more important than the correctness of our Democracy?

This video was posted on Youtube back in August 2006!
It only has 3,847 views!

After Smartmatic was sold to Sequoia, Sequoia was sold to Dominion in 2007!

Here is the 2006 video.

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