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LAST MINUTE PANIC: Biden Campaign Now Says President Trump is Within One State of Winning Election


The Democrat-media complex and fake polls are all claiming Joe Biden is up by 12 points nationally.

The fake polls are claiming Biden is up by 17 points in battleground states in the Midwest.

However, Joe Biden’s campaign told reporters on a Zoom call on Monday that President Trump is within one state of winning the election.

Via Breitbart White House Correspondent Charlie Spiering: “Director of Battleground Strategy Nick Trainer tells reporters that Biden campaign just outlined on a zoom call that said Trump was within one state of winning”

If Biden’s campaign is publicly admitting that Trump is one state away from winning the election, imagine what they are saying privately?

The Biden campaign is in full blown panic mode!

All eyes are on Pennsylvania because Biden NEEDS The Keystone State in order to have a very clear path to 270.

The crooked officials in Pennsylvania are allowing ballots to be counted for 3 days after Election Day.

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