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Meet the man behind modern anti-vax movement



  1. "MAGA cultist"
    In your view, someone that supports Trump is a "cultist"? How inclusive. How tolerant.

    "...spreading Trump's false narrative that the election was fraudulent."
    Of course the election was fraudulent, it was the most fraudulent in all of American history of elections.

    Your disgusting, leftist bias is a LED light, illuminating the dark path to Communist takeover of America.

  2. Talk to the families of the Tuskegee study about allowing the government to inject you with an unknown substance.

  3. Lenin and Stalin both flooded the newspapers with stories of this ilk after their bogus elections. Elections have always been rigged...if voting worked, they wouldn't use it.
    Do you really think OAC was elected the second time let alone the first?

    The word purge is synonymous with communism and communism is another name for (censored).
    They are following the communist playbook and flooding the narrative with these type of stories is- procedure.