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Nevada postal worker caught on tape pledging to commit voter fraud

 Image: Nevada postal worker caught on tape pledging to commit voter fraud

One of the last remaining swing states that has yet to finish counting its ballots is Nevada, where a United States Postal Service (USPS) mail carrier in Las Vegas was caught earlier this year promising to commit election fraud with mail-in ballots.

An undercover reporter from Project Veritas filmed postal carrier Art admitting to a hidden camera that the Post Office collects unclaimed ballots and saves them for such a time as this when President Trump is on the verge of winning reelection apart from fraud.

The setup involved the undercover reporter at Loma Vista Apartments pretending to want to oust Trump by voting multiple times with unclaimed ballots. He asks Art if there are any extra ballots laying around, to which Art responds:

“Hey, not a problem, man. I’m going to see if I can get you some, like a nice handful [of ballots].”

Art then asks the undercover reporter what his apartment number is, and after the reporter responds with it, Art says back, “If it’s in there,” meaning the unclaimed ballots, “I didn’t do it.”

“A lot of the times the people get rid of them because they are an old tenant, and they don’t live there anymore,” Art reveals about how easy it is to manipulate mail-in ballots when they are sent out to people who no longer live at a former address.

The undercover report then asks what happens to all of the unclaimed ballots that are rejected by new residents – the assumption being that some people keep them and possibly use them for fraudulent purposes.

“Just how they normally deal with things that they don’t want – they stick them, you’ll just see them like, they’ll be just stuck there, maybe they’ll throw them in the trash.”

Mail-in ballots deemed undeliverable, Art further reveals in the clip, are sent “back to me,” meaning they go back to the post office where they are either tossed or, depending on who works there, used for other potentially nefarious purposes.

How much more proof do we need of widespread voter fraud?

This undercover video from Project Veritas is perhaps the most revealing of all as to the fraudulent nature of mail-in voting. As opposed to absentee ballots, which have to be individually requested by voters who are legitimately away from their normal residences, mail-in ballots were sent out to all registered voters regardless of whether or not they requested them – including to people who had long since moved away from their registered addresses.

This means that potentially millions of people received other people’s mail-in ballots. And depending on what types of people received them, these mail-in ballots may have been fraudulently filled out and sent in by other people, skewing the final vote.

If this is not proof in and of itself of foul play, then nothing will be. It is abundantly clear at this point that Democrats pulled a fast one with the mail-in ballot scheme, which was used to fraudulently harvest ballots that favored Joe Biden at the expense of President Trump.

“Americans want to trust the integrity of our elections and the postal service,” says Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe about the revelations. “If our voting is going to be trusted to the post office, we have to be able to trust the post office.”

“When Art in Las Vegas told our undercover journalist he would quote, ‘see if I can get you a little handful,’ he’s talking about ballots, legal ballots but sent to the wrong address. This is yet another example of real concerns when it comes to voter fraud across this country.”