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President Trump Slams Fox News and Their Polling: ‘Somebody in Fox Doesn’t Like Me Very Much I Can Tell You’ (7 Cartoons)

 During a campaign rally in North Carolina today President Trump slammed Fox News and what he considers their very biased polling.

“Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Looking tremendous in Florida, so of course they don’t mention that. You know, it’s Florida, we are looking good,” the President said.

“We’re really looking good all over, he added. Trump then went on to slam Fox News “In the real polls, not the Fox polls, those Fox polls. There’s somebody in Fox doesn’t like me very much I can tell you.”

“They are the phoniest polls and they were almost as bad four years ago. Actually they were worse. But you get some of these pollsters. They work magic. And the amazing thing is they hang onto their jobs. They do horribly.”

“Look at what they did last — I had nine states and I had to win them all and they said I was going to lose all nine,” the President said. “That was four years ago. I was going to lose all nine, it’s going to be a very short evening for Donald Trump.” States

“And the polls said decisively I was going to lose all nine. And that was a day before. And I won all nine. I won them all. I won them all.”

Watch the whole thing:

While I could be wrong, think President Trump is right when it comes to polls being wrong.

His campaign seems to have all of the energy and momentum while Joe Biden’s campaign is hiding in the basement.

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