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President Trump's Campaign Will Reportedly Start Holding Rallies In States Where Legal Challenges Take Place

 Over the next few weeks, President Donald Trump will continue a mission to prove his allegations that the 2020 presidential election was rife with voter and ballot fraud by deploying one of his most influential and successful tactics to get people energized — the MAGA rally.

According to Fox News, the president’s campaign will soon hit the rally trail in an unknown number of cities in which they’ll plead his case, to include using props like the obituaries of a number of deceased voters who were somehow able to vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

At his upcoming rallies, Trump’s team will also talk about the vast number of lawsuits that are expected to be filed this week by his army of top-flight attorneys in a variety of crucial swing states where they believe the most glaring fraudulent voting incidents took place.

Early reports of the rally kick-off that implied Trump would personally hit the rally trail were disputed on Monday Trump campaign official, according to Fox News, claiming that the rallies would instead be more similar to the organic Trump convoys and boat parades that were formed in the lead-up to the 2020 election.

“There is currently no plan for the president to hold rallies. These would be grassroots events similar to the boat parades, not presidential rallies,” the official said, which somewhat counters reporting to Fox News and Axios that rallies would be held by Trump’s campaign.

While this will likely be sorted out in the days to come, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump is holding plans for the rallies close to his chest and I would definitely be surprised if Trump doesn’t make a personal appearance at some of the rallies in an effort to keep his base of supporters fired up over the turmoil of the 2020 election.

A number of lawsuits are expected to be filed in court by Trump’s legal team, beginning on Monday. The suits will kick off across key swing states like Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona where Trump’s camp alleges that the president was robbed of thousands of potential votes.

Pennsylvania will likely be the key state that the team focuses on, as there are multiple allegations of votes that were counted after the election day deadline, GOP poll watchers being denied access to observe the ballot counting process and potentially tens of thousands of deceased voters having somehow cast valid ballots.

Trump’s supporters need to mentally prepare for what will likely be a long battle, as litigation on such complex matters will undoubtedly take time. But in the mean time, it appears as if Trump’s campaign has a lot in store for their supporters and the rest of America.

It’s clear that they’re not backing down and allowing the mainstream media to choose who gets a term in the White House.

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