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There’s a Reason Why Hunter Biden Acted in Such Maniacal and Reckless Ways


How could a child grow up to be a man who dresses like this?  What happened to create this sick individual participating in such demented acts?

We believe we may have found the culprit.  Here is the compilation video of Vice President Joe Biden being creepy.

In any private sector organization Joe Biden would have been forced into some sort of harassment prevention training by now.

God only knows what went on behind closed doors at the Biden mansions.


  1. If Americans are still clueless enough to not be aware of this MAJOR story they don't deserve a democratic form of government, which rests on the awareness of the people!

  2. SICKENING! BOTH parties are CORRUPT, EPSTEIN GUILTY and serve our 911 MURDERING / Epstein RAPING BLACKMAILING / ISIS TERRORIST / Beruit NUKING / USS LIBERTY MURDERING PARASITE SATANIC SCUMBAG MONSTERS IN TEL AVIV. Get it? https://www.thenation.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/clinton-epstein-trump-img.jpg?scale=896&compress=80