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Top Biden official promises AOC will not be 'disappointed' with Biden's agenda: 'Incredibly progressive'

 Joe Biden's presidential administration will not disappoint far-left progressives like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), according to a senior member of Biden's presidential campaign.

What's the background?

 Ocasio-Cortez is not pleased that the Democratic Party does not accept her brand of progressive politics. In fact, Ocasio-Cortez told the New York Times that, internally, Democrats have been "extremely hostile to anything that even smells progressive."

So when moderate Democrats blamed far-left progressive politics for their Election Day losses, Ocasio-Cortez was none too happy.

"I need my colleagues to understand that we are not the enemy. And that their base is not the enemy. That the Movement for Black Lives is not the enemy, that Medicare for all is not the enemy. This isn't even just about winning an argument. It's that if they keep going after the wrong thing, I mean, they're just setting up their own obsolescence," she told the Times.

What are the details?

During Biden's victory speech on Saturday after the media declared him the president-elect, Biden hinted that he would compromise with Republicans. Responding to the notion of political compromise, Ocasio-Cortez pointed out in her interview with the Times that the Democratic Party historically leaves progressive groups that elect moderate Democrats "promptly abandoned" after electoral victories.

But Kate Bedingfield said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that Ocasio-Cortez would not be "disappointed" with Biden's agenda as president.

Show host Chuck Todd asked, "Let me ask you this: do you believe that [Ocasio-Cortez is] going to be disappointed, or not, when she sees the agenda of the Biden administration in the first six months?"

Bedingfield responded that Biden will "make good" on promises to implement "an incredibly progressive and aggressive agenda."

I think that Vice President Biden campaigned on an incredibly progressive and aggressive agenda. Take a look, for example, at his climate plan. It's the boldest, biggest climate plan that's ever been put forward by, you know, by a nominee running for president and now a president-elect. He's going to make good on those commitments. I mean we, you know, he spent time during this campaign bringing people together around, around this climate plan. He was able to get the endorsement of groups like the Sunrise Movement and the endorsement of Labor for this plan. It's a big, aggressive plan. It's a perfect example of the kind of, you know, big effort that he is going to make to meet this moment and to meet these crises that we're in.

What does that agenda include?

According to the Washington Post, Biden plans to sign a series of executive orders immediately after taking office next January, reversing some of President Donald Trump's policies.

Biden plans to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, allow "Dreamers" to remain in the U.S. legally, reverse the U.S. withdrawal from the World Health Organization, and repeal "almost all" of Trump's controversial travel ban on people from certain Muslim-majority countries.

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